Collection: Chrysocolla on Quartz

Chrysocolla  on Quartz

A pair of Quartz crystals are coated by two colorful generations of Chrysocolla on this Tentadora Mine specimen from a small find of 2018. It features richly colored Chrysocolla coating two prismatic and terminated Quartz crystals. The first generation of Chrysocolla is a deep turquoise-blue and looks as though it was airbrushed on the Quartz and it completely covers the crystals. The second generation of Chrysocolla is more complex as it occurs as bubbly growths on the earlier generation and selectively covers only half of the Quartz prisms leaving the terminations mostly uncovered so the points are quite prominent. This later generation is more of a green-blue color and the bubbly surface is a few millimeters thick. This piece has both fantastic textural and color contrast. It is one of a few elegant and high level pieces of a pocket that produced very few great specimens, and we bought all we could all at the time.